New Spin Rhythm Gameplay Teaser Has Us Hungry for More

Australian based Super Entertainment put out a teaser trailer for their newest project, Spin Rhythm. Flying down a note highway, players need to line up the play dial so it covers the correct color of notes (red and blue). The wheel is also tapped in rhythm to the music playing, as is the controller, but at different times. There are also sections that have the player spinning the wheel in one direction or the other. The wheel spin can seemingly be done with as much intensity as one desires, with an in-rhythm tap stopping the spin and setting players automatically back on the correct path. It looks like the developers are using actual audio mixing equipment (Casio XW-DJ1 DJ Controller) to show the game off, but we’re hoping for an official controller in time for release.

Tracks from Hyper Potions, Subtact, Nitro Fun, Tut Tut Child, Pegboard Nerds, Tokyo Machine, 2Mello, and tons more appear in the game.

Spin Rhythm is heading to Steam (PC/MAC), and possibly to consoles in 2019. Mobile devices looking promising after this photo taken from Oz Comic Con with players playing on mobile and tablets.

Also, 11 tracks from the Spin Rhythm soundtrack can be streamed right now via Spotify!

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