Race Into the Night With the New YOASOBI UT Collection


It’s a new week, so that means a new UT Collaboration. I am kidding, of course, but with so many UT collaborations lately it feels like a weekly thing. Today’s musical collaboration is with the break-out group, YOASOBI.

Unlike other UNIQLO UT collaborations, the line will include only women’s and kid’s options. However, if you take a look at the promotional photos, you can clearly see Ayase wearing a women’s shirt, just in larger sizing.



For the lineup, there will be seven women’s shirts made available and five kids’ shirts. Each of the shirts will have either a different design or a different colorway from the other. The sizes offered will be XS through 3XL for the women’s shirts and standard kids sizing.


As of the time of this writing, UNIQLO has made no announcement if the YOASOBI UT collection will be available at their international locations or if the collection is exclusive to Japan. With it being based on a fairly new music artist, I can see this staying in Japan, just because regardless of how big YOASOBI might be worldwide, they might not be big enough to bring sales to clothing lines yet. I could be wrong, though, so all we have to do is wait.

UNIQLO, Sony Music Japan
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