Niantic’s Ingress Anime Launches on Netflix, Streams English Trailer

On Tuesday, Netflix finally started streaming the anime adaption of Ingress outside of Japan. The series began airing in Japan last October, but Netflix insists on only uploading seasons of anime once they’ve finished their run instead of week by week. Just ask the Little Witch Academia and Kakeugurui fans how they feel about that. Ingress is an adaption of the AR mobile game of the same name by Niantic, which is best known for making a little game called Pokémon GO. Ingress is still going strong though, and it will be interesting to see how fans of the game will react to the show. Check out the trailer below.

Instead of being a general adaption of all of Ingress, the show features an original story that ties into the greater narrative of the game. The anime centers around a special agent named Makoto with the power to see an object’s past. One day he sees a strange vision while combing through the remains of an exploded XM research facility. XM, Exotic Matter, in the main Ingress game is the substance everyone is fighting over. From here, Makoto gets into deeper and deeper into trouble. Stop me if you’ve heard something like this before.

Off the bat, the trailer doesn’t show off the best animation in the world. While the show was not originally produced exclusively Netflix, they sure do love their kind of mediocre looking 3DCG animation. Still, something like an Anime being based on this global phenomenon AR game could be interesting, maybe worth watching for curiosity’s sake alone. Like PGO, Ingress can be played anywhere in the world and requires people to walk around, interact, visit different spaces. Narratively, there’s an opportunity for something unique to come out of that with the anime tie-in. They sure did get western indie outfit Alt-J to do the theme, at least.

Ingress can be watched on Netflix and played on Smartphones everywhere now.

Niantic / Fuji TV
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