Nicolas Cage’s Face Is Popping up on Popular Japanese Snacks

When it comes to Japanese snacks, I think the last thing I want to see plastered across the front of them is Nicolas Cage’s face; so of course, household-frequent Umaibou went ahead and did just that. In collaboration with the upcoming Japanese release of “Army of One,” a film starring Nicolas Cage, it was deemed appropriate to release a batch of the crunchy snacks packaged in a wrap-around of Cage’s face. Fortunately, the Umaibou, which is being dubbed the “Deluxe Umaibou Nicolastick” will be limited to those who purchase a ticket to go see the film’s Japanese theatrical run.

While you might be safe from seeing Nicolas Cage’s face covering your local conbini shelves, it does go to show the relentless fury that companies like these are willing to release upon us. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Nicolastick, you can check out “Army of One” in Japanese theaters beginning December 16. Further information is made available via the official website, here.

Source: Kotaku

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