Square Enix Announces NieR 10th Anniversary Orchestra Album

NieR Orchestral Album Cover

Earlier this morning, Square Enix has announced a NieR Orchestra Album titled, “NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album – Addendum. The album will be released in Japan on March 25th and will contain ten fully orchestrated tracks. It is being released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the NieR series, as 2020 is the checkpoint for that. The ten tracks that will be included in the album will be a spread across the NieR Gestalt / Replicant as well as NieR Automata universes as well as vocals being performed by Emi Evans and J’Nique Nicole. The songs that will be included in the album are;

1:『Ashes of Dreams(Emi Evans & J’Nique Nicole Vocals)』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita
2:『Emil(Addendum version)』/Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
3:『Shinku no Teki』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita
4:『Inishie no Uta(Emi Evans & J’Nique Nicole Vocals)』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita
5:『Kaine(Addendum version)』/Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
6:『Nokosareta Basho(Addendum version)』/Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
7:『Bishiki Uta(Emi Evans & J’Nique Nicole Vocals)』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita
8:『Fukuseisareta Machi』/Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
9:『Houkai no Kyomou』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita
10:『Weight of the World(Emi Evans & J’Nique Nicole Vocals)』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita

NieR Orchestral Album Cover

As you can see, there is a lovely spread of tracks throughout the NieR Gestalt / Replicant series as well as fan favorites from NieR Automata. For those of you that are part of the first purchasers of the album, there is also going to be a special disc included which is titled NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album – Addendum Special Disc-. The special disc will consist of the following tracks;

『Kengenshita Ibutsu(J’Nique Nicole Vocals)』/Arranged by Sachiko Miyano
『Odayakana Nemuri』/Arranged by Kosuke Yamashita
『Aimai na Kibou(Emi Evans Vocals)』/Arranged by Sachiko Miyano

As someone who feels that the music of NieR is a significant factor as to what makes the game so good, I am incredibly excited to hear what the orchestrated versions of my favorite songs are. They haven’t announced any plans to have the soundtracks on digital platforms like Apple Music or Spotify. Still, if you follow the trend that they’ve been doing with the Final Fantasy soundtracks as of late, I’m almost positive we’ll see the NieR Orchestra Album up there eventually. For those of you who want the physical version of the NieR Orchestral Arrangement album, it’ll be available March 25th for ¥3,500.



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