Share Your Feelings With NieR: Automata LINE Stickers by Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida

Share Your Feelings With NieR: Automata LINE Stickers by Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida

Artist Akihiko Yoshida is an artist with an illustrious career in the video games industry. He started out as a graphic designer at Square Enix before being given the responsibility of character designer in games such as Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story and eventually the main series Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XII. In 2013, he left Square Enix and eventually became company director of CyDesignation, Cygames’ art design company. And now in 2019, he has followed his work as the character designer on NieR: Automata with some fun and cute LINE stickers!

I’d always thought that artists like Yoshida would spend all their time working on major franchises instead of spending time on creating LINE stickers that will just be sold for a dollar. Some of my favorite stickers to use are from Kingdom Hearts, but instead of being original designs, they’re character renders from the games with some big block text over them. But it looks like NieR: Automata fans are getting a special treat.

So far all of the designs are of 2B and her pod in various situations. One has her giving a thumbs-up, whilst another has her sleeping on the ground. My favorite has to be the one where she’s hanging off a Pod begrudgingly with the text, “I’m coming now”.

This was kind of a surprise release during the NieR: Automata 2nd Anniversary livestream on Square Enix’s Youtube channel, but hopefully we get designs for 9S and A2 in the future. The designs are currently available to download for 120 yen. Just search for “Square Enix” in the Creators Stamp section and you’ll find it. The stamps are currently just available for Japanese accounts but it’s possible that they might choose to release them overseas if there’s demand for it.

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