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Nintendo and CyGames joint production title Dragalia Lost has some of the best music that I’ve personally heard in a mobile title. Today TOY’S FACTORY announced that they will release a new two-disc album titled DRAGALIA LOST SONG COLLECTION for release on 30 June 2021.

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DRAGALIA LOST SONG COLLECTION is a two-disc collection of songs that have been used across the events found in Dragalia Lost. The album features various artists and creators such as TAKU INOUE, ANCHOR, SiN, Shuhei Mutsuki, Sekihan, M.A.O., BlooDye, Setsuko (from Kuuhaku Gokko), Takayoshi Tanimoto, Shiki Aoki, Megumi Ogata, Hironao Nagayama, and even OTAQUEST‘s producer ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo, block.fm) who produced the track ‘Bon Fever’ by Sekihan on the first disc as well as the instrumental version of ‘Bon Fever’ on the second disc. The first disc contains 16 songs, with the second disc containing 22 instrumental tracks. The album also includes a lyric booklet with illustrations of scenes where the songs are used, as well as a 60-page Dragalia Lost art book.

The track list is as follows:


01. Get up / MADKID

02. Dawn Song / 宮原ひとみ

03. Force your way / 谷本貴義

04. Bon Fever / 赤飯

05. ステルスダンス / 青木志貴


07. case i / ルクレツィア

08. We Are The Lights / ルクレツィア

09. Rainbow Riders / M・A・O

10. Rainbow Riders (Battle Arrange ver.) / M・A・O

11. Maybe In The Next Life / ラピス

12. Maybe In The Next Life / カーリナ

13. Terrestrial paradise / BlooDye

14. Hollow Dance / SiN

15. Because of You / セツコ

16. Sample Answer / 緒方恵美


01. A frenzied rage (INST) / 永山ひろなお

02. Torture (INST) / 永山ひろなお

03. Gigantic Madness (INST) / 永山ひろなお

04. A Gifted Tormentor (INST) / 永山ひろなお

05. 月牙 (INST) / Teppe

06. Judgment Day (INST) / 永山ひろなお

07. Get up (INST) / MADKID

08. Dawn Song (INST) / 宮原ひとみ

09. Force your way (INST) / 谷本貴義

10. Bon Fever (INST) / 赤飯

11. ステルスダンス (INST) / 青木志貴


13. case i (INST) / ルクレツィア

14. Ancient Lights  (INST) / 永山ひろなお

15. We Are The Lights (INST) / ルクレツィア

16. Rainbow Riders (INST) / M・A・O

17. Rainbow Riders (INST) (Battle Arrange ver.) / M・A・O

18. Maybe In The Next Life (INST) / ラピス

19. Terrestrial Paradise (INST) / BlooDye

20. Hollow Dance (INST) / SiN

21. Because of You (INST) / セツコ

22. Sample Answer (INST) / 緒方恵美

The DRAGALIA LOST SONG COLLECTION album will hit Japanese music store shelves on 30 June 2021. At the time of the writing, no international release or streaming options have been announced.

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