Nintendo Begins Selling Dock-less Switch Bundle in Japan for Lower Price

Nintendo has begun the sales of a cheaper Switch package in Japan earlier this week, one that does not include the TV dock, HDMI cable, AC adapter, and Joy-Con grip that would traditionally come with the hybrid device. Instead, this package is aimed at families with multiple children who have no need for an additional dock or connectors, bringing the price of the unit down to 24,980 yen ($226). With that being said, for users who don’t particularly fancy plugging their Switch into the television to play, this could just be a cheaper solution for you.

The package, which can only be purchased online via Nintendo Japan’s store, includes the Switch device, as well as your standard pair of Joy-Con and Joy-Con straps. All of these are fully color-customizable, allowing you to get creative with whatever color pairings you want for your Joy-Con and straps. That is, in other words, basically everything you’ll need to get going with the Switch other than a charging unit. For that, you’ll need to pick up your own USB-C charging cable that can be used with the device.

So after losing out on the TV dock, HDMI cable, AC adapter, and Joy-Con grip, would you be interested in picking up one of these standalone Switch packages? There is currently no word about a release of the package outside of Japan, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if any further information is announced.

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