Nintendo Announces ‘Dragalia Lost’ Mobile Game

Announced during Nintendo’s latest direct, the Kyoto-based gaming giant is teaming up with Japanese developer Cygames to publish their latest mobile action-RPG “Dragalia Lost” on iOS and Android devices. These last few years have seen Nintendo attempt to make quite a few attempts to break into the mobile gaming market, with titles such as Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp immediately springing to mind, but few of those look as interesting as “Dragalia Lost” does, especially if the recently released footage is to go by.

Set in the fictional kingdom of Alberia, Dragalia Lost follows the story of the seventh heir to the Alberian Royal Family, known only as the Dragonblood Prince, who commands the bloodline ability to shapeshift. When his kingdom comes under threat, the prince must begin his journey to create a pact with the legendary dragon Midgardsormr in order to borrow its form and immense strength. During this adventure, your character will make a number of friends, as well as a fair share of rivals who you’ll be encountering as the game progresses.

The game appears to be one of Nintendo’s most interactive mobile titles yet, offering numerous playstyles that aim to include campaign co-operative play, online multiplayer raids, and an immersive single-player story. Utilizing a free-to-start model, the game allows players to drop their real currency on in-game items and cosmetics, something I’m sure we’re all too familiar with already.

Scheduled to release on iOS and Android on September 27, there’s just a little less than a month standing between us and Nintendo’s first original mobile title. Pre-registration is currently available via the game’s official website, with some in-game incentives being included for those who sign up. For further information on the upcoming title, be sure to check out Dragalia Lost’s official website.

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