Nintendo Collabs with LeSportsac for Some Powered-up Gear

Carry the “Power-up Burst” design at your side with this cool-looking tote bag. The prominent coin zipper grab is likely our favorite touch.If you thought that you might be able to give your wallet a little break after that fantastic fashion collaboration between Nintendo and Uniqlo that recently took place, you may want to think again. Just announced today, this latest crossover between one of the world’s most beloved video game companies, alongside one of its most recognizable characters, will be taking place with long-running North American luggage company LeSportsac. The collaboration contains some seriously eye-catching flare to it, and I’ve totally fallen head over heals for it as an enthusiast of all things “gaming fashion”. I mean, just take a look at this collection, it’s absolutely incredible:

Featuring the exclusive “Power-up Burst” design, the backpack is the series’ main entry.

Carry the “Power-up Burst” design at your side with this cool-looking tote bag. The prominent coin zipper grab is likely our favorite touch.

This cross-body bag mixes it up with another exclusive design. Are you ready for an odyssey? This bag is adorned with internationally-inspired Mario luggage tags, passport stamps and postcards.

If you’re going for a more traditional look, this purse is sure to fit the ticket.

Some of the Mario series most dynamic power-ups are displayed front and center on this cosmetics bag. Your look is sure to fire whenever you pop this one out!

Though not featuring one of the collaboration-exclusive designs, this Game Boy pouch may well just be that essential piece of gear you need to display your fandom to the utmost.

The prominence given to the power ups on the backpack and the tote bag prove to be definitive eye-catchers in my own personal taste. It’s hard to recommend too many fashion brands that effectively combine the passion with the looks, so I’m happy to see such attention given towards making this a visage that works. Coming straight from the official announcement, you can see why the two companies are eager to provide such a loud, yet still-wearable look:

The collaboration features two unique designs created exclusively for the LeSportsac X Nintendo collection. Power-Up Burst is a colorful homage to Mario’s iconic power-up items and classic foes, including Fire Flowers, Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, Super Stars, coins, Goombas and Koopas. The Mario Travel print portrays playful Mushroom Kingdom-inspired travel memorabilia, such as luggage tags, passport stamps and postcards on a bright red background.

If you want to get your hands on the goods before anyone else the world over, the bags will be available in Japan starting July 19. Which piece in particular is screaming for your hard-earned coin, adventurers?

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