Nintendo Implements New Policy Allowing Consumers to Cancel Pre-Orders Before Release

Nintendo Implements New Policy Allowing Consumers to Cancel Pre-Orders Before Release

Nintendo have been on the receiving end of controversy when it has come to their digital pre-order policy, namely due to the inability for anyone to cancel their pre-order after payment has been completed. Up until now, anyone who pre-ordered a digital game from the Nintendo eShop was required to make a payment up front for the game equivalent to the cost of the title on release, following which the pre-order could not be canceled. Following public pressure, Nintendo have amended this policy to allow players to cancel digital pre-orders up to 7 days before the game’s release.

While Nintendo had received pressure surrounding their pre-order policy before this, the issue of cancellations became a major talking point surrounding the announcement of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE in Japan. When the game was announced, the Japanese Nintendo website featured screenshots from the Japanese Wii U game even though all releases worldwide were to be based on the international release the game which featured some minor changes. As a result, some fans who pre-ordered the game were annoyed, and Nintendo eventually offered refunds to fans who were no longer interested in the game based on this news.

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While the miscommunication on Nintendo’s part only helped to amplify the issues with the company’s old pre-order policy, starting today a new pre-order process for digital game should resolve many people’s complaints. Starting today, payment for digital pre-orders won’t be taken when the game is ordered on the Nintendo eShop. After pre-orders have been made, players are free to cancel the game up until 7 days before the game’s planned release date. From this point, payment will be taken by Nintendo and pre-orders can no longer be canceled.

Although the policy shift is currently only cited on Nintendo’s official Japanese website, this new policy has been implemented worldwide and works on pre-orders made on European and US eShop stores as well.

This policy is much fairer to the consumer since it gives the customer the power to change their mind on a game if they pre-order it and then decide later that they no longer want it. This is a welcome shift from Nintendo when it comes to digital pre-orders. Just make sure to remember about your pre-orders, or that sudden payment for a game you forgot about is going to sting!

Screenshots by Alicia Haddick, Nintendo Logo ©Nintendo Co. Ltd.
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