Nintendo Releases Demo of Miitopia for Switch

Switch Miitopia

Today, Nintendo released a demo of Miitopia for Switch in the Nintendo eShop. The game was first announced back in February.

The original Miitopia came out on Nintendo’s 3DS series of consoles back in 2016 and was actually a pretty damn good game. Since then, we have had an overview trailer for the new Miitopia, and learned that the game will be hitting Switch consoles this May.

Switch Miitopia

The Miitopia demo is currently available to download via the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo has outlined the following functionalities:

  • You can start making Mii characters of whoever you want and share them*. This is handy if you want to get started on your creations before the game comes out. (And it can be fun just making them!)
  • You can try out some of the game’s new additions, such as Wigs and Makeup for Mii characters. You can also say hi to your ever-faithful horse. (Did we mention there’s a horse?)
  • You can play the first area of the game, and save data can be carried over to the full game if you decide to buy it. (And…err…well, that part is pretty straightforward so nothing more to add there.)

The sheer fact that you can actually transfer your Mii characters from the 3DS version of Miitopia is actually really damn cool and makes me want to pick up the Switch version even more. I have the demo downloading on my Switch right now as I type this, actually.

Switch Miitopia

Miitopia is scheduled to hit Nintendo Switch on 21 May 2021.

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