Nintendo TOKYO Starts Selling Miniature Figures of the In-Store Statues

Set of Nintendo Miniature Figures

If you’ve ever been to the Nintendo TOKYO store in Shibuya, you have seen the character statues that they have placed throughout the store. Now you can buy miniature versions of them for your own collection.

The statues in the store are life-sized representations of the characters in all of their glory. The miniature-sized versions capture the same amount of detail but in a much smaller form. The characters that will be part of the lineup are: Link, Isabelle Timothy&Thomas, Inkling, and Mario.

Link at Nintendo TOKYO

Isabelle at Nintendo TOKYO

Each of the figures can be purchased separately or as a complete set with a special display case. They will run for ¥7,150 individually or you can splurge and spend ¥28,600 for the entire set. There is no price discount, but if you don’t get the set, you don’t get the cool display case.

Inkling at Nintendo TOKYO

Mario at Nintendo TOKYO

As with all things from Nintendo TOKYO, you’re going to need to have a friend pick the items up for you or find a proxy that is willing to go to the store and purchase them on your behalf.

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