NIS and Aquire Announce New Game Set in Post-Apocalyptic Akihabara

NIS and Aquire Announce New Game Set in Post-Apocalyptic Ruins of Akihabara

A few days ago, a rather mysterious teaser website for an upcoming new project from Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) launched. The only clue it gave to fans curious as to what their next project was going to be was a small, hand-drawn piece of grass that slowly transformed into a daffodil over the following days. While rather cute, it gave little indication as to what the game was actually going to be. Today, the site confirmed a reveal in the upcoming issue of Famitsu, and in the process of promoting the game, the magazine Famitsu confirmed that this title is a collaborative project between Acquire and NIS for a new game set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Akihabara for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This new survival adventure game is known as ‘To All Mankind’ (Jinrui no Mina-samba he, じんるいのみなさまへ) and follows a group of girls who live in the ruins of Akihabara. Although the games aren’t set in the ruined cityscape that this new title is set in, Acquire do have some familiarity with the setting of Akihabara following their work on the Akiba’s Trip series, while the team have shown their capabilities by working with an internal team over at Square Enix for the critically and commercially successful ‘Octopath Traveler’.

Currently, the new issue of Famitsu has yet to release, with the issue being sold on Thursday, meaning that only a few images and previews of the game are available at this time. While the new issue will provide more details on the mysterious circumstances that caused Akihabara to turn into an abandoned area being overtaken by nature, the mechanics of the game, its cast of characters and more, currently these details are unknown. Character designs are being handled by Akinashi Yuu.

Between this game and the upcoming release of Destiny Connect next month, NIS has a few new titles in the pipeline that look rather interesting. Personally, even though we currently have very little information about this game, I am at the very least intrigued to learn more. Perhaps it’s the post-apocalyptic environment, or perhaps it’s the cute character designs that really appeal to me, but something about what they have shown here makes me desperate to learn more. At the very least, though, it seems that news will have to wait until Thursday when the newest issue of Famitsu is released and the official website for the game goes live.

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