Cup Noodle Plastic Model Unveiled by Nissin

Cup Ramen Model 1

A number of us here at OTAQUEST really enjoy our plastic models. Some of us are far more invested in it than others, but none the less, we all enjoy them. Today is a historical day for plastic models. For a plastic model of the one and only Cup Noodle by Nissin has been announced for a September release and is being made in conjunction with Bandai. If you don’t really grasp why this is so awesome, let me give you a little run down.

Cup Ramen Model 2

The original Cup Ramen made its grand debut in the year of 1971 as a new product from Nissin Foods who previously sold instant ramen but only in packages that you had to actually boil. The Cup Noodle product was revolutionary in the fact that you only had to put hot water inside of the styrofoam cup to cook it. There was no getting pots and pans and having to boil water anymore.

This was a new type of convenience that had yet to be experienced. Since its inception almost 50 years ago, the Nissin Cup Noodle series of products has become a worldwide star in over 80 different countries. They even have a museum dedicated to the Cup Noodle franchise, one in Osaka, and another in Yokohama. You even get to make your own custom Cup Noodles!

As I previously mentioned, the Nissin Best Hit Chronicle 1 to 1 scale Cup Noodle plastic model kit is currently undergoing pre-orders with a planned ship date of September 18th for a fairly reasonable ¥2,420. You can place a pre-order here at the Nissin shop ( (you will need a Japanese credit card and address, or a proxy to get the item for you). Seeing that September is still quite a ways off, take a look at this absolutely epic promotional video that they have made for the announcement of the Nissin Cup Ramen plastic model.


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