No More Heroes 3 Gameplay Footage Sneakily Previewed

No More Heroes 3 Gameplay Footage Sneakily Previewed

As I type, the New Game Plus Expo is streaming right now on exclusively on Twitch. It’s a Nintendo Direct style showcase for a whole host of Japanese developers like Atlus, Koei, Arc System Works, and a whole lot more. After a short preview for the Switch release of Catherine Full Body, the show kicked off with a special message from Grasshopper’s famous and beloved Suda51, of course, best known for the ambitiously stylistic No More Heroes series. He didn’t say anything about the long-awaited third game in the series, coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.  Oh, don’t misunderstand us, he didn’t say anything about it.

In his video message (which we’ll plug when it becomes available online) he talks about being excited for what’s coming out of Japanese games and states he’s looking forward to the various previews from all the developers at the Expo. He then jokes about his gaming backlog that he’s been working through during this social distancing period, joking that he’s yet to even beat Super Mario Odyessy.  What Suda51 neglects to mention is the glimpse if in-game No More Heroes 3 footage playing just behind him. A taste of Travis Touchdown rocking down enemies, it’s something to savor after all this time.

Strictly speaking, you wouldn’t call this a full trailer or a brand new reveal. Suda 51 and Grasshopper were definitely giving us a small tease of what’s to come from No More Heroes, and in a particularly sneaky way. Good to know despite the COVID-19 pandemic that production has continued on the third game in the NMH series, one that fans have been waiting over a decade for. While Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes was a nice reacquaintance with the franchise, we’ve all been thirsting for the full experience and after that debut trailer, we’re fiending for anything we can get.

No More Heroes 3 will come out on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the feature.

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