No Straight Roads Releases this June for PS4 and PC

No Straight Roads from developer Metronomik will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store on June 30, publisher Sold Out announced today.

A long with the standard edition, the Collector’s Edition will be made available for $69.99 until it ultimately sells out. What does it include? Check the list below.

  • Official drumsticks from No Straight Roads
  • Exclusive vinyl LP
  • ‘The Art of NSR’ 64-page Artbook

No Straight Roads pits two passionate indie rock band members, Mayday and Zuke, against EDM empire NSR, whose tight grip on Vinyl City is smothering the expression of other music genres. Explore eclectic districts, face colossal bosses and lead a musical revolution to uncover NSR’s evil intentions and save Vinyl City from corruption.

We’re super excited to get our hands on the game, and hopefully this amazing Collector’s Edition!

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