The North Face x Gucci Pokémon GO Avatar Items Hidden at Select PokéStops

Pokemon Flag from Gucci Twitter

Pokémon GO players can now find The North Face x Gucci avatar items at some PokéStops, according to reports. Find the right PokéStop, spin it, and you could receive a special item for your avatar to wear.

The items include hats, T-shirts, and backpacks based on actual items from the new The North Face x Gucci collection. As reported on Serebii.net, the items first showed up at certain sponsored PokéStops in Japan. Italy (Gucci’s home base) also apparently got an early look at the items. And according to at least one Pokémon fan in the United Kingdom, the stuff also showed up at a Selfridges-sponsored PokéStop in London.

On Monday, the PokémonGoLive.com blog confirmed that the collaboration would be happening all over the world, not just in Japan.  According to the blog, more than 100 PokéStops will have the items. Many of these PokéStops will be at pop-up shops called Gucci Pins. Others will be at Gucci stores.


Naturally, since Gucci is a luxury brand, the locations will be somewhat limited.  We won’t list all the locations mentioned in the blog, but European locations will include Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, Cannes, Madrid, London, and Monaco. Middle East and Africa locations will include Kuwait City, Doha, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

United States locations will include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Palm Desert, Scottsdale, Honolulu, Orlando, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, and Costa Mesa.  Canada will have Toronto and Vancouver.

In Japan, the PokéStops will be in Osaka, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagoya (listed twice), Fukuoka, Sendai, Yokohama, Kobe, Sapporo, Hiroshima, and Kyoto.

Before Christmas, Gucci’s Twitter account announced that The North Face x Gucci items would be coming soon to Pokémon GO, although without any explanation as to how, why, or where.  Pokémon GO retweeted Gucci.

There are actually two collaborations here. First of all, a collaboration between The North Face and Gucci is selling real-life items which aren’t directly Pokémon-related. These include jackets, dresses, bowling shirts, hiking boots, a tent and a sleeping bag which ‘celebrate the spirit of exploration.’

‘The collaborative collection features a unified logo, The North Face’s curved graphic that combines with the House’s green-red-green Web stripe,’ Gucci states on a website with nary a Pokémon in sight.

Other Collaborations

Gucci x anime collaborations have also been done before, but not Pokémon.

Of course, Pokémon GO collaborations are nothing new.  For example, at the moment my avatar is wearing a Longchamp Pokémon backpack, and a Uniqlo Pikachu T-shirt.  But I grabbed the shirt and backpack through the Style menu in the game, and not through a PokéStop.

The North Face x Gucci avatar items would appear to be only available at the PokéStops.

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