NUE ZZZ Launches International Shipping via Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo-based fashion brand NUE ZZZ today took to their various SNS accounts to announce their upcoming utilization of Tokyo Otaku Mode for international shipping of various goods to audiences outside of Japan. The news came just weeks after their initial announcement of an all-new collaborative collection with French musician Moe Shop, where it was originally announced that the company would be working together with Tokyo Otaku Mode to handle those pieces in particular.


While online postings from the fashion brand are suggestive of their goods being available for order as of right now, we haven’t been able to get results like those posted at our end, unfortunately. With that being said, we’re sure this is likely a temporary issue, one which makes it all the more worthwhile to check back in for when things do go live properly. It’s been a busy year for the NUE ZZZ brand which launched earlier this year, with this news being particularly welcomed.

We’re sure it’ll be going live in the near future, so be sure to check in on both Tokyo Otaku Mode and NUEZZZ for further information.

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