NUE ZZZ Announces June ’18 Fashion Collection

Recently launched Tokyo-based fashion brand NUE ZZZ has been kicking things off with a bang since the very beginning, and if their latest collection is anything to go by, they haven’t got plans to slow down any time soon. Shared earlier today via the brand’s official Instagram account, we got our first look at the brand’s June 2018 collection. Utilizing a number of different color palettes and visual styles, the brand isn’t shying away from its clear-cut 80s inspiration.

Contained within the collection there are more than a couple of pieces that have caught my eyes as must-haves, and I’m definitely 200% behind the suspender dress. From the visual aesthetic all the way through to the color choices, it’s not easy finding someone with as clear of a visual vision as moji8fresh, and that shines as bright as ever through his NUE ZZZ work. Currently available for pre-order via NUE ZZZ official website, the clothing is currently listed to ship out during the month of June 2018.

Those interested in checking out the full collection, as well as other pieces made available by the brand should definitely head over to NUE ZZZ’s official website.

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