PARK Harajuku Begins Stocking NUE ZZZ Clothing

Tokyo’s own PARK Harajuku is an undisputed favorite hangout spot of mine; from the vibrant culture of the numerous products that line their walls all the way to the cheerful staff, there’s a whole lot to love. Only adding to those reasons was the recent announcement that the store would now be carrying clothing from the recently launched NUE ZZZ fashion brand which is fronted by former Galaxxxy lead designer and all-around incredible artist moji8fresh.

For the longest time now, moji8fresh’s intricate designs have stood as a gorgeous callback to the looks of the 80s, all whilst blending in the passion of modern day design sensibilities. If there was ever a store that was best suited to carry their out-there designs, then it would most definitely have to be PARK Harajuku. In their announcement, it was also noted that as of right now, PARK Harajuku is actually the only physical location where you can go in-store and browse NUE ZZZ goods in person.

Available in-store now at PARK Harajuku, you can find further information about the location via their official website. Additional details on NUE ZZZ can also be found via their official website.

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