NUEZZZ to Host Pop-Up Store in Laforet HARAJUKU

NUEZZZ Laforet Harajuku

Tokyo-based fashion brand NUEZZZ has been killing it this year following a largely-successful launch back in June, and they’re showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. They’ve been hosting a number of pop-up stores across Tokyo for some time now, but this week is set to see their biggest yet with the announcement that they’d be bringing their goods to the iconic Laforet HARAJUKU building from November 9 through until November 16, 2018.

NUEZZZ Laforet Harajuku

Taking place on the 2F of Laforet HARAJUKU in the Container Area, the pop-up will be running daily from 11:00 until 21:00, though the space will close at 19:00 on the final day. We’ve seen a number of tight new designs over these last couple of months, and there’s no doubt they’ll be making an appearance at the booth. This could be a huge opportunity for the brand, and with recent announcements that stores such as 2.5 SPINNS and PARK Harajuku would be carrying stock, they really do seem to be taking over.

Originally founded by former Galaxxxy designer moji8fresh, it took no time at all for NUEZZZ to become a staple of my wardrobe. We’ll definitely be making our way over to the pop-up to show our support, and I can’t wait to check some of the more recent drops. Further information about the Laforet HARAJUKU pop-up can be found via NUEZZZ’s official website.

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