Aoi Yagawa & Tomggg Team Up For Latest Single ‘ON THE LINE’

Maison Book Girl’s own Aoi Yagawa and hyper-bubbly music producer Tomggg have teamed up for their latest single, released via Maltine Records — and it’s just about as great as you would expect. From start to finish, “ON THE LINE” is the perfect synergy between both artist’s signature sounds, with Aoi’s vocals harmonizing perfectly inbetween the internet-age pop bursts of energy offered by Tomggg.

This isn’t the first time that Maltine Records has played home to a major idol’s solo release, with the net label previously releasing music by Dempagumi.inc member Yumemi Nemu, amongst a long list of others. Set to be on repeat for quite some time, ON THE LINE is yet another example of the ever-evolving soundscape here in Japan.

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