One Cut of the Dead Finally Set for US Cinema, Streaming Release

One Cut of the Dead Finally Set for US Cinema, Streaming Release

It’s been a long time coming, but One Cut of the Dead is finally set to be unleashed onto US cinemas.

First, some background. Having been made on an incredibly small budget of just $27,000 and opening in just 2 cinemas in Japan before becoming an unprecedented national success, our own Eddie Lehecka praised One Cut of the Dead as ‘the best movie you’ve never heard of’. However, this film first released in Japanese cinemas in 2017, and has since had a UK cinematic and home video release thanks to Third Window Films without any news for fans living in the United States. There was a clamoring from many for a release following the massive praise it was receiving, yet there was silence. That’s all set to change, with an American cinema release in multiple theatres nationwide set for later this month.

Starting on September 13 with releases in Los Angeles and New York before spreading to cinemas around the country for a one-night-only event, the film is finally set for an American release thanks to Shudder. Following this release, the movie will finally receive the wide release of the film the movie has been craving in the United States, as it will then be made available on Shudder’s own streaming service.

To celebrate this new upcoming release of the film, a brand new trailer has been released, though the trailer comes filled with a warning that it could spoil some of the surprises of the film and a recommendation to skip the trailer and watch the movie for yourself instead. If, however, you’re sitting on the fence, you can find that trailer here.

Tickets for some of the screenings have already been made available, with more set for release in the coming days. To check if a screening is coming near you and for full details on which cinemas will be showing the film, you can find more on the film’s official American website.

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