ONE PIECE’s High-Impact ‘BUSTERCALL’ Mixed Media Project Continues to Expand

ONE PIECE's High-Impact 'BUSTERCALL' Curation Continues to Expand with New Sushiboys Song

It’s been several months now since ONE PIECE creator Eiichiro Oda first teased the BUSTERCALL project, and since it launched we’ve seen an incredible curation of talent from across the globe to celebrate the seminal pirate series. For those unfamiliar with the project, the team at Shueisha has spent the better part of the last several months traversing the globe collaborating with creatives across a wide spectrum of fields to create this gorgeous mixed-media celebration of ONE PIECE.

I first became clued into the project thanks to a collaboration with Tokyo-based creative GOD SCORPION, and would again be pulled in through a collaboration with Chile-based illustrator Crisalys at a later date. Well, now I guess I’m back here again thanks to the recruitment of office-favorite rap duo Sushiboys. Unsurprisingly, their contribution falls right in line with what you’d expect — crudely green-screened dance moves over the top of several clips from the anime series coupled with rapping over a beat made entirely from sounds found within the series; it’s the exact sort of energy I’ve come to love from Sushiboys and was definitely welcome here.


Of course, the project has also proved an irreplaceable tool for discovering new talent both in Japan and across the globe, such as Bustaskill who designed the Luffy as seen in the header. If you’re looking for a treasure trove of look – or some seriously incredible creatives – this might just be the place for you.

With the trajectory that the BUSTERCALL project has been heading up until now, I’m definitely excited to see how it progresses continuing through 2020. If you’re interested in seeing the works that have been produced for the project up until now, be sure to head over to BUSTERCALL’s official website.

BUSTERCALL, @bustaskill
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