One Piece Gets Shojo Reimagining by the Legendary Ribon Magazine

One Piece Shojo

One Piece finally reached its long-awaited 1000th chapter earlier this year, landing it in company with other landmark titles likes Baki The Grappler, Cooking Papa, and even Kaiji. No shortage of celebrations has bubbled up to stew in this momentous occasion, with even the New York Times getting in on the action. Even a month after the actual chapter ran in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the party continues on for Luffy and friends with all sorts of unexpected shows of kinmanship. One particularly interesting manifestation comes as a Shojo reimagining via legendary girls comic purveyor Ribon.

One Piece Characters in Ribon shojo style
Oda is out here drawing gender-bent versions of his own characters and we’re at a loss.

Part of the greater ‘One Piece 1000 Logs’ campaign, the Ribon Mascot Comics shojo reimagining will be formally unveiled in the 3 February issue of the magazine. The drawings of One Piece above, as a Ribon Comics collected volume, comes from Oda himself, but eleven Shojo artists associated with the magazine will be sharing their perspective on some of the pirate manga’s most notorious and beloved sea-dwellers.

Nami from One Piece in Ribon shojo style
Someone give us Shojo Nami’s number. Also regular Nami’s.

The above Nami illustration was provided by Mayu Murata, known for the critically acclaimed Honey Lemon Soda, currently running in Ribon’s pages. More illustrations will be available in the mag.

Now, even if you haven’t heard of the formally titled Ribon Mascot Comics, you probably know Ribon Magazine, provided you’ve ever read a shojo manga once in your whole life; Thanks to their shojo reimagining of anime’s most famous pirates, One Piece now becomes ‘nakama’ with girls comics classics including Full Moon Wo Sagashite, the original Whisper of The Heart manga, and our recommended Kodocha.

Bon Clay of One Piece
Bon Clay can die happy knowing they’ve made it to Ribon magazine.

The One Piece x Ribon Magazine collab hits Japanese magazine stands 3 February.

Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Ribon / Maya Murata
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