Newest One Piece Stampede Film Trailer Showcases Giant Cast

If a certain prominent video game series already use the tagline ‘Everyone Is Here!’, the new trailer for the upcoming film One Piece Stampede could. This new trailer showcases the return of all sorts of fan-favorite One Piece characters we haven’t seen in a while. Smoker? Check. Bartolomeo? They have him. That jerk Crocodile? Yeah, he’s back too. The film boasts a strong 38 characters from One Piece history coming back for Stampede as well as a few original ones created by manga artist Eiichiro Oda. See some of them in the trailer below!

The 13th One Piece movie, One Piece Stampede has giant footsteps to fill. Franchise films used to release every year until 2009’s Strong World, released only once every three to four years after. Not that there aren’t movie-length TV specials that air at least once a year. However, starting with Strong World, series creator Eiichiro Oda has had higher degrees of involvement with One Piece films. From designing original characters, to actively working on story elements to make they’re authentically One Piece, the last few films have all been pretty good.

One Piece Stampede centers around the ‘Pirate’s World Fair’, a celebration for pirates hosted by the notorious sea-dwellers themselves. Douglas Bullet, an original character designed by Oda that was part of the legendary Gold Roger’s crew, appears to be the big bad of the film; We can’t be sure until it releases. Takashi Otsuka, who previously directed some Pretty Cure films as well as one of the One Piece TV specials, is directing. While the earlier movies never were released in English, Funimation released Strong World, Film Z, and even theatrically ran One Piece Film Gold for a limited time.

The film will release August 9 in Japan. We hope to hear from Funimation soon.

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