ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE UT Collection Hits UNIQLO This Month

One Piece Stampede UT Collection Hits Uniqlo This Month

ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE is not only charging into Japanese theaters this summer, but the massive upcoming film is also set to take fast-fashion giant UNIQLO by storm. Everyone’s favorite Japanese fashion supergiant is coming at you with their ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE UT Collection, hitting locations in Japan and online July 28. Usually, their collaboration shirts make it overseas too, so I wouldn’t be too worried. There’s a number of different t-shirts all bearing designs specifically to the ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE movie which explains why everyone’s outfits are a little different. They’ll retail for about 10 dollars a piece, making them stylish and affordable. You can see the full line up here, but we’re going to share a few of our favorites.

One Piece Stampede UT Collection Hits Uniqlo This Month

Buggy The Clown, baby! Monkey D. Luffy’s first ever villain who seems to slip and stumble into victory and success time and time again is front and center. His clown makeup, eyes, nose, and teeth, along with stars and a few characters make for a nice and simple design you could wear to a con or your college class without getting many looks. Another design I’m really fond of is this straight-forward illustration of Luffy. His fit in ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE is a good’n, and having that on a shirt changes things up enough to make it fresh.

One Piece Stampede Uniqlo Luffy Shirt

You know what One Piece is. You also know what UNIQLO is, and you don’t need us to explain these things for you. The ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE UT Collection isn’t even the first time anime’s biggest franchise and Japan’s biggest fashion retailer have teamed up this year. Whenever the two come together, it’s a recipe for success. With the design quality being relatively high and the prices decidedly low, all of the UT collections are gifts we should embrace. Where else can you get good anime clothing for 10 bucks?

The One Piece Stampede UT Collection will hit stores July 28.

Oda Eiichiro / Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation / 2019 "One Piece" Production Committee
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