Placole Will Sell One Piece Collaboration Wedding Dresses in January

One Piece Wedding Dress

Some girls dream of being a princess when they get married, but how about a wedding dress for all the otaku ladies? Placole Wedding announced this Thursday that they will sell One Piece collaboration wedding dresses in January.

The four lucky One Piece brides will be Nami, Vivi, Nico Robin, and Perona. (Note to One Piece fans: Your waifus will not actually be getting married.)

Twelve Months of Weddings

One Piece anime Wedding Dresses

You may have seen these dresses before. In August, Placole created the first of several proposed wedding dress designs as part of a year-long campaign by One Piece.

The first design to be released was modeled by Straw Hat navigator Nami. Princess Vivi’s dress followed in September. The spooky Thriller Bark girl Perona got her dress in the Halloween month of October. The pirate archaeologist Nico Robin got a lovely dress design in November.

According to reports, the One Piece wedding collaboration is supposed to continue for a full year, with one anime character getting her chance to shine every month.  As of Thursday, they hadn’t released December’s dress yet.

In August, Placole stated that they planned to reveal live-action versions of the dresses. The first four One Piece ‘brides’ will be featured in the January wedding dress sale.

Meet The Brides

One Piece Wedding Dress Yellow

Placole stated that they designed Nami’s orange wedding dress with mikan flowers, symbolizing Nami’s favorite fruit. The off-the-shoulder ‘A-line’ dress also features ‘many layers of yellow and orange tulle.’

They describe Vivi’s outfit as a ‘slender line’ dress ‘full of princess-like elegance’ for the princess of the Alabasta Kingdom. The dress mixes ‘tulle of various colors, such as blue and gray.’

Perona’s dress is a ‘princess line’ dress ‘packed with a lot of cute things that seem to be dancing at any moment.’ Her dress is black, purple, and pink with vertical frills. Nico Robin’s dress features ‘calm navy sleeves that are perfect for cool and intelligent Robin.’ The dress also contains flower embroidery.

The Nami, Vivi, and Perona dresses will each cost 328,000 yen. The Nico Robin dress will cost 338,000 yen. The dress sale begins on 4 January 2021. They will accept orders at the special Placole Wedding website until 31 January 2021. They will also sell the dresses to ‘wedding dress shops, wedding halls, hotels, and other wedding-related parties’ across Japan. When they are not busy making wedding dresses, Placole operates a web consultation service for the bridal industry.

Placole, Eiichiro Oda/ Shueisha
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