Official ‘One Piece’ Wedding Rings Bring Eternal Shonen Love

Official 'One Piece' Wedding Rings Bring Eternal Shonen Love

There’s certainly a lot of passionate One Piece fans out there, but I wonder if any of them would consider proposing to their significant other with a One Piece-themed wedding ring? U-Treasure certainly seems to think so, as they unveiled their latest ‘bridal jewelry’ collection in collaboration with One Piece this week.

This One Piece set of wedding rings isn’t the first collaboration that the jewelry and accessory company has done over the years, mind. Rather, navigating to their official website will give you a taste of the range of their previous collaborations, from Pokémon to Sanrio.

When it comes to their One Piece collaboration, however, they’ve taken a rather different approach. Instead of simply offering designs inspired by the series, they’ve instead chosen to focus on the lines spoken in the series – the so-called ‘Words of ONE PIECE.’

One Piece Wedding Rings

They’ve taken the English translation of several key lines in the series (not the VIZ translation, mind) and engraved them on the outside of the ring, available in both ‘yellow gold’ and ‘pink gold,’ meaning that you can carry the powerful words of Eiichiro Oda’s long-running shonen series with you at all times. Or something like that.

Luffy is, of course, featured the most out of the list of quotes available to choose from as he’s uttered some of the most iconic lines in the series, such as “Because I’m a pirate!’ and ‘The one who is the most free is the Pirate King!’

But another character probably takes the crown for the most iconic line the series, that being Portgas D. Ace and his heartbreaking ‘Thank you for loving me.’ Other characters honored in the list of quotes include Sanji, Zoro, and Chopper.

One Piece Wedding Rings

There are some other characters who also feature among the words honored in these One Piece wedding ring designs. Their words will, however, set you back considerably more money – double the price of the previous designs in fact at a whopping 216,000 yen.

Those words are Nami’s ‘It’s 100 percent my fault, but forgive me because I’m cute!’ and Rayleigh’s ‘Those who create the times are always those living in the present,’ which adorn designs which are only available as a pair, hence why they are twice as expensive as the other rings.

I’m not exactly sure why these designs, in particular, are only available as a pair, but I’m sure a Nami or Rayleigh superfan could explain to me why.

Regardless of whether they’re only available in a set or not, it’s a fact that these One Piece wedding rings aren’t cheap, with the standard rings coming in at a hefty 108,000 yen. But, then again, I suppose you don’t usually tend to cheap out on such an important item anyway.

Even more so than that, however, these One Piece weddings rings really do showcase the power of long-form shonen storytelling.

Now, with the franchise just passing its 20th anniversary, there are surely a fair few couples who’ve grown up alongside Eiichiro Oda’s series, and perhaps even found meaningful connections because of it – which I suppose is the kind of market that U-Treasure hopes to tap into.

If you’re interested in any of the One Piece wedding rings, don’t hesitate to check out U-Treasure’s official website. They do international shipping, as well.

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