One Piece With CAT Turns Your Favorite Pirates Into Adorable Cats

One Piece With CAT Turns Your Favorite Pirates Into Adorable Cats

Every time I think that it would be virtually impossible to make anymore One Piece merchandise that hasn’t already been done I get proved wrong. No, this isn’t a new series of Portrait Of Pirates figures. It’s not some new collaborative cafe that’s made to advertise the upcoming movie One Piece Stampede. We already wrote articles on not one but two new One Piece clothing lines this past week. So what could be left? Well, let me ask you this. What does the internet, and maybe humanity as a whole, love more than anything? That’s right. Cats. Now, all your favorite pirates are cats. The ‘One Piece with CAT’ series are the mini-figures you never knew you wanted.

One Piece With CATS Figures

The ‘One Piece with CAT’ series is set to release sometime in August. Each figure will retail for 648 yen or you can buy a box of all six for 3888 yen. The starting line up includes faces you would expect from the series. Of course, you have the rubbery protagonists Monkey D. Luffy and two of his ride or die crew mates Zoro and Sanji. The forever fan favorite Ace and the beloved Sabo, have also been turned into kittys. Finally, of course, Trafalgar Law who might as well be a Straw Hat Pirate with how much he’s been in the story.

While we don’t know for sure, one would bet that additional characters, or line-ups, will be added to the fold if these sell. It’s hard to imagine the ‘One Piece with CAT’ series not selling well, due to Japan’s dual love of One Piece and cats. If they do well, it could be the start of a new era of anime figures. Maybe we can all collectively move past bikini-girl figures and move on to anthropomorphized versions of our favorite characters.

The One Piece with CAT’ will be available for 648 yen a pop this August.

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