ONJUICY and Carpainter Reunite for a “Banger Ticket”

Carpainter and ONJUICY

Rapper ONJUICY and producer Carpainter have teamed up multiple times, bringing out the best in one another. They first crossed paths on 2017 track “PAM!!!,” which found Carpainter’s bleary-eyed garage sound colliding with ONJUICY’s grime-inspired flow. The latter mostly served as an extra sonic layer but added a nice hype-man energy to the whole proceeding. Earlier this year, the two teamed up once again for the rapper’s own EP, with the producer offering up a fittingly smudgy backdrop for him to showcase more of his rhyming via the song “Relax & Chill.”

For “Banger Ticket,” the pair share equal billing. It goes just beyond the ampersand, though, as the song itself highlights both artists plugging into their strengths. Get it here, or listen below.

Carpainter isn’t new to making more aggressive beats, it’s just that the bulk of his solo work leans towards a more shimmering, downright nostalgic sound channeling Japanese dance communities from the 1990s. Here, though, he embraces his harder-hitting side, constructing a beat punctuated by digi-horn blurts and some party-starting percussion. It’s the right setting for ONJUICY to offer a slightly sunnier take on the grime flow, all without sacrificing any of the necessary toughness the rapper does so well.

For those craving more from Carpainter, the producer has a new album titled Future Legacy out on Nov. 13 to keep an eye out for. No ONJUICY, but plenty to love from that set.

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