ONJUICY Drops ‘Relax & Chill’ EP On TREKKIE TRAX

Onjuicy Drops 'Relax & Chill' EP On TREKKIE TRAX

July has been a particularly strong month for Japanese hip-hop. We’ve had some strong releases from newcomers like MIC RAW RUGA as well as fresh offerings from long-time favorites like Izumi Macra and chelmico. Yet, there’s even more good music coming from the Japanese rap scene this month. The latest? A two-song EP by ONJUICY, who’s previously collaborated with the likes of Yoshino Yoshikawa, on the prolific TREKKIE TRAX label called ‘Relax & Chill’. ONJUICY is definitely going for some feel good summer vibes on his new EP whose tracks will make the perfect addition to your summer playlists.

The first song is a tag team tune with ONJUICY and fellow rapper YUNGYU. It’s filled with colorful synth chords and twinkles padding out the instrumental that gives it a real breezy vibe. Honestly, YUNGYU’s verse might stand out a little more than ONJUICY’s due to a fiercer flow and a more distinctive voice. The title track ‘Relax & Chill’ features a little more meat on the production side with heavyweight Carpainter behind the instrumental. It’s definitely a little more ethereal and dreamy than the opener. More than that, ONJUICY is giving a bit more of an active vocal performance on it too. No wonder the EP took its name from this track.

ONJUICY has been working with TREKKIE TRAX for a little while and has released with them before as well as making featured appearances on some other tracks on the label. However, to our knowledge ‘Relax & Chill’ is the first solo ep by ONJUICY to make it on the prolific label. TREKKIE TRAX is definitely more known for their club-oriented and bass-heavy released, but it’s not surprising to see them vary up their game. The label has more than proved they’re not a one-trick pony.

You can stream ‘Relax & Chill’ or purchase it now.

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