Onkyo Announces SPY x FAMILY Wireless Earbuds

Onkyo Spy x Family

Japanese audio powerhouse Onkyo announced today that they would be bringing a series of wireless earbuds in collaboration with the hit manga SPY x FAMILY.

Onkyo SPY x FAMILY Ear buds

The left and right housing plates are printed with the star of Stella. The original clear cover case that comes with the earbuds is printed with decorations and items depicted in the series, and when the case is attached to the charging case, the printed parts of both cases on the earbuds are combined to form a single design, which is said to be an important collaboration element that expresses the worldview of the work. The front of the package features Anya, while the back of the flap and the bottom of the package feature the Forger family.

Onkyo SPY x FAMILY Ear buds Case Design

Onkyo Spy Family Earbuds 2

Currently, Onkyo has stated that the earbuds are exclusive to Japan with no international release planned. If you’re interested in grabbing a pair for yourself, they are taking pre-orders through their ONKYO DIRECT ANIME STORE and can be purchased for ¥15,000 until 28 July 2021. The earbuds are expected to start shipping to buyers in the middle of September of this year.

With these earbuds though, you’re going to need to have a friend in Japan place the order for you or find a proxy service that can place the order on your behalf.

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