Osaka Serves Up Haikyu!! Cafe in October

Osaka Will Get Haikyu!! Cafe in October

An Osaka cafe will serve up Haikyu!!-themed dishes in October.

The themed menu will appear from Oct. 2-28, which lines up nicely with the volleyball series’ expected return on Oct. 2.

Cookpad Studio

Osaka Will Get Haikyu!! Cafe in October

The cafe at Cookpad Studio will feature items inspired by characters’ favorite dishes.

The dishes will include TKG (tamago kake gohan)-style rice croquettes, pork curry-style yakisoba ontama nose (with egg on top), shoyu ramen-style chicken sauté, mabo dofu-style curry, and tonkotsu ramen-style hamburger steak.

Desserts include melonpan-style chocolate gateau, shortcake-style anmitsu, and soda-style chiffon cake.

There will also be a variety of drinks.

Meals or desserts will come with one of six Haikyu!!/ Cookpad Studio stickers. These will feature the characters with some of their favorite foods (Shoyo Hinata and TKG, Tobio Kageyama and curry with egg, Kei Tsukishima with shortcake, etc.).

Drink orders will come with a postcard similar to the stickers.

Character goods, including badges, acrylic standups, and key holders, will also be for sale.

Osaka Will Get Haikyu!! Cafe in October


With the coronavirus still lurking out there, all of the food, drinks, and items are available for takeout.

However, judging from its Instagram page, Cookpad Studio is the sort of place where you would normally want to stick around.  The “studio” part of the name refers to live cooking demonstrations, workshops, and events.

According to the Cookpad Studio website, you can still experience live cooking at the cafe.  The cafe requests that visitors wear masks, and they will check your temperature when you arrive. There will also be social distancing between seats.

Cookpad Studio is located near Shinsaibashi Station in Chuo Ward, Osaka.

This will not be the first Haikyu!! cafe. Earlier this year, the series had a collaboration pop-up cafe with Animate Café locations in Ikebukuro, Sendai, and Nagoya.

However, the new Osaka location, with its emphasis on cooking, sounds a tad more upscale than the cheeseburgers, curry, and pork shogayaki burgers offered by Animate Café.

Sunshine City

Osaka Will Get Haikyu!! Cafe in OctoberIf a Haikyu!! meal isn’t your style, how about a Haikyu!! hotel?

The IKEPRI 25 section of the Sunshine City Prince Hotel will offer 16 rooms based on Karasuno, Nekoma, Fukurodani, and Inarizaki, four high schools featured in the volleyball manga and anime series.

The rooms will feature school festival-inspired artwork and decorations, including blackboard drawings and food cart fliers.  There will also be lounges with photo spots.

The rooms will be available for reservations from Oct. 17 through Jan. 3, 2021.

The second half of the fourth season was supposed to have aired in July, but the series was delayed by COVID-19.

If you need to catch up with the series, you can watch it on Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Hulu.

H.Furudate / Shueisha, Haikyu!! Project, MBS; Cookpad Studio; Sunshine City Prince Hotel
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