The Osomatsu-san Birthday Video is a Sugary Sweet Treat

Today is a very important day; possibly even the most important day. It’s a day which only comes once a year, and usually means total chaos for everyone involved. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking of course about the Matsuno sextuplets birthday! That’s not just one or two birthdays, that’s five very important birthdays, and one lesser important birthday (though we’ll leave that latter comment to your own imagination)An essential part of any birthday is the all-important birthday cake, and that’s where today’s video comes into play.

Uploaded onto YouTube today by Avex Pictures, we received a special celebratory video centered around the creation of a sugar sweet Osomatsu-san birthday cake. In what is almost a yearly tradition at this point, especially following last years SIX SAME FACES ~TONIGHT IS THE BEST!!!!!!~ -BIRTHDAY REMIX-‘, we gather around our devices and celebrate. The birthday video, which utilizes stop motion animation techniques, is a collaborative project with Japanese animation studio dwarf. The studio is perhaps best known for their previous works with characters such as Domo-kun and Rilakkuma.

Running for roughly 45 seconds in duration, the birthday film was shot over a total of 1,000 individual cuts. Accompanying the clip is a revamped version of last years birthday anthem, aptly titled ‘SIX SAME BIRTHDAY 2017 ~BIRTHDAYS ARE THE BEST~¡¡¡¡¡¡’. The concept behind the six upside down exclamation points represents six candles, according to Avex. On April 6 it was announced that the series would be receiving a second season, to which there is yet to be any further news announced. There’s honestly few animated series right now that have me as excited as Osomatsu-san, so any emerging news is always welcome to me.

If you’re interested in checking out more from the Osomatsu-san series, I recommend picking it up for streaming on Crunchyroll ahead of the release of the second season, here.

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