Dream Ami’s Infectious Theme Song for “Osomatsu-san: The Movie” Begins Streaming

Dream Ami's Infectious Theme Song for

Today saw a few reasons to celebrate life, with one reason being that Dream Ami released an all-new music video for her latest single “Good Goodbye”. Not just that, however, but it was also our first in-depth look at the very same infectious tune will be utilized as the theme song for the upcoming Osomatsu-san: The Movie when it releases on March 15, 2019, in Japan. Uploaded to Avex’s official YouTube channel earlier today, the music video can be streamed below:

Set to release just two days before Osomatsu-san: The Movie hits the silver screens in Japan, Dream Ami’s latest “Good Goodbye” captures every little bit of her aesthetic to a tee. While Dream Ami has been a professional performer for quite some time now, I managed to jump on board with her music following a collaboration with producer Tofubeats on “Positive” back in 2015, the same year she debuted as a solo musician. Since then we’ve seen a whole lot of growth from Dream Ami, as well as her debut solo album, only adding fuel to the gravity of her being the performer behind the film’s theme song.

While Dream Ami’s latest might not exactly captivate the same energy presented in the original Osomatsu-san opening themes, given the film’s overall theme it might just make some sense as to why director Yoichi Fujita opted to bring her onboard. In all the previews shared so far, we’ve seen the sextuplets suffer through the perils of school life, a topic that within the world of Osomatsu-san would definitely instill a bit more of a serious tone.

Just a little over a month out from the film’s release on March 15, it’ll be interesting to see just how the first theatrical entry into the Osomatsu franchise fares. For those of you interested in additional information on the upcoming film, be sure to check out Osomatsu-san: The Movie’s official website.

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