OTAQUEST CONNECT 1.11 Re-Stream Event Coming October 2-4


Ever since OTAQUEST CONNECT wrapped up last month we’ve received countless requests to make an archive of the panels available for everyone to either watch again or check out if they missed the event initially. We’ve been hard at work getting all of the clearances to make archives of the panels available, but given that they still aren’t ready we wanted to give everyone a chance to check things out again in the meantime.

Over the weekend of October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th we’ll be rebroadcasting nearly all of the panels from the original CONNECT broadcast on twitch, and as a bonus we’ll be including select sets from our SYNERGY -Stay Home Edition- event back in May to the lineup as well. Sets from Moe Shop, TeddyLoid, tofubeats, and DÉ DÉ MOUSE will be included in the afterparty over the course of the weekend!

“Why 3 days this time?” you may ask, and that’s because moving the broadcasts to the evening should make them more accessible for fans worldwide, as well as give our team in Japan the ability to better administer the event as a whole. And we’re not just trying to make things better for the running of the broadcast, we’re taking the extra step to clean up the audio for each of the panels, improve the subtitles, and make the overall experience better for everyone!

We’ve also extended our Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Shop to run through the weekend of the event, and once again extended the ordering period for our PUNK DRUNKERS collaboration T-Shirts so everyone who missed out the first time can get their chance to put their orders in!

As an added bonus, we made arrangements to get additional autographs from as many of the guests as we could so we could run a second round of the signboard contest from the first event! This isn’t a guarantee that we’ll have signboards from everyone this time around, but we’re doing our best to provide what we can!

As we had been mentioning in the chat during CONNECT in August, and above, we’re still working on clearances for archives, and in the process, we were unable to secure clearance to re-broadcast Yoko Kanno’s interview this time around. But as part of our commitment to make all of the content from CONNECT available to you long term, we’ve also begun transcribing all of the interviews that were conducted to be posted here on the website, starting with Yoko Kanno’s (you can read it here). By the time of this re-stream we should have everything worked out for who we can and can’t archive and will have more information for you at that time.

In the meantime, you can start making your plans for the weekend of October 2nd by checking out the full event schedule on our official landing page. Hope to see you all there!

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