OTAQUEST KICK OFF Mini Interview: TeddyLoid

On the night of July 3, 2019, when everyone is still filled with excitement leading up to “ANIME EXPO,” the DJ event “OTAQUEST KICK OFF PARTY” will bring even more heat to the night.

TeddyLoid, a music producer for “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” and “ME! ME! ME!,” is going to be one of the performers for the event.

In 2009, he started the project, TeddyLoid, when he was 18 years old and joined MIYAVI’s world tour as a sound producer/DJ. He further experienced the world by traveling around 14 countries for the tour. Now his career has marked 10 years.

TeddyLoid: The first opportunity that my music became popular outside of Japan was “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.” Then I started getting invited to the US more often, and also because of “ME! ME! ME!” I have started doing DJ around the world. For the last few years, I have been doing DJ once a month in the US. Out of all my performances, “OTAQUEST LIVE” was the biggest event. The capacity of the venue was huge, and performers such as ☆Taku Takahashi and I, who cover all the way from Japanese Dance music to anime and game music, were in the lineup. For various reasons, it was the biggest event. I want to make “OTAQUEST LIVE” even bigger, and I have confidence that “OTAQUEST” can go into any field.

He has a lot of fans in Japan, but his worldwide fans seem different from Japanese fans.

TeddyLoid: At any venue, I hear “TeddyLoid! TeddyLoid!” Everyone is calling out my name. The excitement from the audience is on another level compared to Japan. When I DJ in North America, the front audience sings perfectly as if they are like a featuring rapper.

It also happened last year at “OTAQUEST LIVE” that people started singing. Everywhere I go, people gather for me. There have been no bad events when I DJ. I might be more popular overseas than in Japan.

TeddyLoid released two albums “SILENT PLANET: INFINITY” and “SILENT PLANET: RELOADED” in between “OTAQUEST LIVE” last year and “OTAQUEST KICK OFF PARTY” this year. “INFINITY” is a collection of EDM with full of Japanese essence, including a guest features by DAOKO. “RELOADED” is an album of dubstep and rap. TeddyLoid says “I think could say that I made “RELOADED” for people in LA since dubstep is more popular in America and Europe than in Japan.” This time, the show is going to be a DJ set with the strong colors of the two albums.

TeddyLoid: I will do my best performance as always, but the main difference from the last year and this year is the existence of the albums. In the album, there is a song that I made with Virtual Riot “Guardians of the Universe feat. Virtual Riot.” We made it together when I was in “OTAQUEST LIVE” in the States last year. Because of this, Virtual Riot was saying that he is going to come to the event. He might even join me on the stage.

I also think that it is amazing that ☆Taku Takahashi, Yasutaka Nakata, and I are going to LA together, I admire them so much. I am already excited because this event means a lot to me.

You can catch TeddyLoid at The Novo in Los Angeles on July 3rd as a part of OTAQUEST KICK OFF alongside Yasutaka Nakata, ☆Taku Takahashi, and Chuck None. Tickets are on sale now!

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