OTAQUEST LIVE Mini Interview: m-flo

On July 3, 2019, five artists, m-flo, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Hiroomi Tosaka, CAPSULE, and CRAZYBOY from EXILE TRIBE, artists who are on the leading edge of Japanese culture and music, are going to perform at The NOVO by Microsoft in LA. “OTAQUEST LIVE” is going to be held two years in a row. We interviewed LISA, ☆Taku, and VERBAL from m-flo, who will perform this year again.

They have met each other at an international school, and they talk to each other in English. They, of course, have some achievements in Japan, and also they have been working individually in the States, but the last year was the first time that they performed together as m-flo in the States.

VERBAL: I had an image that “Americans start booing so soon depending on the performance” so I was more nervous than a regular show, but when I went on the stage, I realized that 99% of the audience were local people. Not only Americans but also people in different races knew m-flo’s songs. I was very happy and surprised that they were so excited and energetic.

LISA: They sang with us and gave us warm welcome atmosphere at the beginning. I was very nervous but it went away quickly. I was very happy that they knew m-flo. They were so kind and made me feel at home.

LISA left m-flo but she has returned because VERBAL had an automobile accident in 2017. Three of them have gotten off to a new start, and they are trying to develop themselves more.

☆Taku: Since m-flo’s theme is about the kind of chemical reaction we make with three of us, we were doing lots of experiments. The other day, we had a production camp in Guam. Then I realized again that spending time together is important.

I was thinking too much by myself and got stuck. By emptying my mind, I was able to make “STRSTRK” unconsciously but LISA and VERBAL helped me and “STRSTRK” was completed. By spending time together, we were able to share the same values and a natural chemical reaction occurred. After we had the camp in Guam, my music production has been going well.

LISA: “STRSTRK” was born in Guam, and I think we saw a way that we are going towards. Our spirits have been lifted up. That song was our turning point.

The new EP, “mortal portal e.p.” contains “STRSTRK” with a chill trap vibe and mellow taste, is going to be released physically on July 3rd. This title is inspired by a popular American content.

☆Taku: There are songs called “EKTO“, “STRSTRK”, and “MARS DRIVE” that feels like we are going to warp into the parallel world from “Rick and Morty”. I also want people to know that a 16 year-old young artist named SASUKE, does the remix for EKTO.

VERBAL: ☆Taku really likes “Rick and Morty”. We were saying that we want people to see our world as a portal. Then we came up with the title “mortal portal” and the design at the same time.

LISA: “EKTO” is a ballad after a long time. It’s a real love song that catches the heart. It’s a cool love song with a theme that makes girls cry. It’s a new type of m-flo’s ballad, so please listen.

☆Taku: We will perform the new song at “OTAQUEST LIVE”.

VERBAL: “EKTO” will be pre-released from the 24th, so please listen to it on Spotify before you come to the show! That way I think you can enjoy “OTAQUEST LIVE” even more.

You can catch m-flo at The Novo in Los Angeles on July 3rd as a part of OTAQUEST LIVE alongside Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, CAPSULE, HIROOMI TOSAKA, and CrazyBoy. Tickets are on sale now!

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