OTAQUEST Announces Collaborative AMA Series With /r/anime

It’s been an extremely busy month for the team at OTAQUEST, and all of that hard work has been leading up to this very moment. It’s never been a secret that Reddit’s own /r/anime controls one of the largest, most dedicated anime communities in the world. Connecting the global anime community to the creators that bring some of our favorite series to life has always been at the forefront of OTAQUEST’s mission — which is why today’s announcement is so important to us.

Starting November 18, 2017 (JST) we’ll be bringing some of the industry’s biggest names to the /r/anime subreddit for a frequent series of AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions that aim to bring fans closer to their favorite content creators. Jumpstarting the whole community event will be OTAQUEST’s own Dai Sato, an individual perhaps best known for his outstanding work on “Eureka Seven,” “Cowboy Bebop,” “Samurai Champloo,” “Space Dandy,” “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex,” and so many other animated classics. Oh, and did we mention he also did some lyrical work for the “Dragon Ball Z” soundtrack?

If you’ve ever had a question for a prominent figure in the world of anime, but just can’t seem to find the answer for it online, this is your chance. Each AMA session will be live-streamed alongside the Reddit posting, allowing fans to see the real-time reactions of their favorite creators as they answer your questions in-thread. With OTAQUEST’s in-office translators at their side, we’ll make sure your questions are answered — within reason of course. 

Since we know there are fans all over the world who want to join in, this is the start time for some major time zones around the world:

Tokyo, Japan – 18th November, 11:00am
Brisbane, Australia – 18th November, 12:00pm
Sydney, Australia – 18th November, 1:00pm
San Francisco, USA – 17th November, 6:00pm
New York, USA – 17th November, 9:00pm
London, UK – 18th November, 2:00am

We look forward to kickstarting the whole event and hope you’re excited as we are. Be sure to keep an eye on both /r/anime and OTAQUEST for further news!

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