Nintendo Wants You To Play Otome Games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has many pages on its Japanese featured games section. There’s one for RPGs, Party Games and even one for Adult Games which feature titles like Dark Souls: Remastered and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. However, a new page has recently been opened exclusively to promote and feature Otome games. Otome games are mostly visual novels targeted at women, often featuring attractive male characters who the player can date.

The page features a special logo and even an illustration provided by Idea Factory’s Otomate label featuring some of their characters playing on Nintendo Switch. In the past, the Playstation Vita was regarded as the go-to console for all visual novels, but since the handheld is getting old, it seems publishers are focusing their efforts towards the Nintendo Switch instead. In fact, Idea Factory’s president Yoshiteru Sato stated in an interview with Famitsu that every one of their otome titles would be heading for Nintendo Switch.

Some of the key otome games being promoted on this page are Kin’iro no Corda: Octave, Norn9 LOFNNightshade/Hyakka Hyakurou and many more. Although the main illustration for the page is a collaboration with Idea Factory, the page itself promotes titles from several different publishers such as D3 Publisher and Koei Tecmo Games. As well as giving recommendations for fans of Otome titles, there’s also an extensive list of upcoming releases within the genre for Nintendo Switch that fans will certainly find valuable.

It’s unknown whether this will be a permanent and updated feature on the Nintendo website, so it’s worth checking it out now whilst we know it’s still around. The site launched on Valentine’s Day and will hopefully be updated with any event news or upcoming releases.

Idea Factory
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