WIT Studio’s Ousama Ranking Anime Main Cast, Visual, Trailer Released

Ousama Ranking

I really do enjoy this time of the year because there are a lot of announcements of new series starting up. Today, Aniplex and WIT Studio announced that they will be giving Ousama Ranking an anime adaptation, with some pretty big names on board for the cast and staff.

Check out the trailer:

The art style, worldview, and character designs all have a fairly gentle overtone to them, which goes hand in hand with the manga that is published on the Echoes’ Manga Hack website since 2017. Kadokawa released the tankobon series of the manga, with 1.2 million copies being sold. With this being a tenth-anniversary project for WIT Studio, you can bet that they are going to be paying close attention to detail on this series.

Ousama Ranking Poster

In terms of staff, Yosuke Hatta, who worked as a sub-director on Boogiepop and Others, will be taking the helm as director for Ousama Ranking; Taku Kishimoto will be handling the series composition; Atsuko Nozaki will be doing character design and will also handle the role of chief animation director. The sub-director will be Arifumi Imai, who was an action animation director on Attack on Titan seasons one through three; and MAYUKO will be providing the music.

For the cast, we know that Minami Hinata will be playing the protagonist Bojii, the first prince of the Kingdom of Bossu; and Ayumu Murase will play the role of Kage, who is a thief by trade but is later befriended by Bojii.

Ousama Ranking is set to hit Japanese airwaves in October 2021.

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