ARMA BIANCA Announces OUTDOOR x PROMARE Collaboration Backpack

Backpack TOP

ARMA BIANCA announced that they will be releasing a collaboration backpack in conjunction with OUTDOOR PRODUCTS based on studio TRIGGER’s hit movie Promare.

Promare Backpack

The item is a standard OUTDOOR backpack that many people have come to know and love. A burnished flare motif is embroidered on the front part, and the body is sewn with the OUTDOOR PRODUCTS brand tag, with the color scheme inspired by the Promare film. They designed the inside with an all-over pattern that lays out the artwork logo and the burnished flare motif.

It’s a cleanly designed front-loading backpack that is large enough to hold all your essentials when you go out. The exterior zippered pocket is perfect for storing small items such as a cell phone, and the top has a reinforced carrying handle if you don’t want to carry it on your back.


The backpack is currently available to pre-order through the ARMA BIANCA website for ¥14,278 (Approx. $135 USD) and is expected to start shipping to buyers in November of this year. Pre-orders will be going on until 10 August 2021. If you’re looking to pick this backpack up, you should reach out to a friend that lives in Japan that can help facilitate the order for you as ARMA BIANCA does not ship internationally.

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