Remastered ‘SEGA AGES OutRun: Music Collection’ Soundtrack CD to be Sold at Tokyo Game Music Show 2019

Remastered 'SEGA AGES Outrun: Music Collection' CD to be Sold at Tokyo Game Music Show 2019

When it comes to the OutRun series, for all it may be remembered fondly for its status as one of the best games from SEGA’s golden age of arcade titles, its soundtrack is another element of the game that is held in high regard. I remember when the recent SEGA AGES rerelease of OutRun was initially announced, a few friends of mine instantly began to share how much they loved the soundtrack and their joy at hearing new tracks created for the 3DS rerelease of the game would also be included in this newer release. For fans of the games, the soundtrack holds a strong place in people’s hearts.

Speaking of the soundtrack, those same fans would also be very happy to hear about the soundtrack being released on CD later this month, courtesy of Wave Master. This new soundtrack not only includes songs from the Arcade, 3DS and Switch versions of the game specially re-recorded for this release but original recordings of songs from the Mega Drive and Master System overseas versions of the title as well, with a version of Radiation from OutRun 2006 also bundled into this soundtrack release.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

  1. Magical Sound Shower(1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer:Hiro
  2. Passing Breeze(1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer:Hiro
  3. Splash Wave(1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer:Hiro
  4. Crusing Line(2014 Nintendo 3DS「3D OutRun」) Composer:Manabu Namiki
  5. Camino a Mi Amor(2014 Nintendo 3DS「3D OutRun」) Composer:Jane-Evelyn Nisperos
  6. Step on Beat -Arcade Edition-(2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer:CHAMY.Ishi Arranger:Sakuoki Kudo
  7. Midnight Highway -PlayBack-(2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer:SEGA Arranger:Sakuoki Kudo
  8. Radiation -Nostalgic Ver.-(2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer:Hiro Arranger:Sakuoki Kudo
  9. Driver’s MegaMix Vol.1(2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer:Hiro Arranger:Jane-Evelyn Nisperos
  10. Last Wave(1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer:Hero
  11. Step on Beat(1991 MEGA DRIVE「OutRun」) Composer:CHAMY.Ishi
  12. Midnight Highway PSG Sound Ver.(1989 SEGA MASTER SYSTEM [Overseas Edition]「OutRun 3-D」) Composer:SEGA
  13. Midnight Highway FM Sound Ver.(1989 SEGA MASTER SYSTEM [Overseas Edition]「OutRun 3-D」) Composer:SEGA
  14. Radiation(2006 PlayStation 2 / PlayStation Portable / Xbox / PC「OutRun2006 Coast 2 Coast」・2007 PlayStation 2「OutRun2 SP」) Composer& Arranger:Hiro Additional Keyboard Solo:Hiro&Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
  15. Magical Sound Shower SOUND! SHOCK Trance Ver. Composer&Arranger:Hiro

This CD will initially be sold at Tokyo Game Music Show 2019 on February 23 for 2,500 yen, with the CD later being available at BEEP (online and in their store in Akihabara) as well as the SEGA Store. For fans of the music of OutRun, this release seems like it is one not to be missed.

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