Shibuya’s Landscape Set to Evolve for the Better With Culture-Focused PARCO Department Store

Shibuya's Landscape Set to Evolve for the Better With Evolved PARCO Department Store

There are few things happening in Shibuya that have me more excited than the grand opening of the city’s all-new PARCO department store. That’s not a joke either; with Shibuya’s ever-evolving landscape, the revival of PARCO in the area, as well as their focus on providing long-needed culture signaling to the area, is nothing short of incredible. So with the grand opening taking place tomorrow, November 22, just what can we expect? Well, fortunately, it’s a whole lot of great things — especially if you’re anything like me and have a soft spot for more than a few aspects of culture.

You’ve already heard the excitement about the all-new Nintendo Tokyo store in your social media feeds, and I’m sure you’re just as excited about the new Pokemon Center too. Maybe you’re a die-hard Neon Genesis Evangelion fan with a place in your heart for stylized streetwear; well, fortunately for you the all-new Radio Eva Store has you covered. Go beyond that and you’ll find heavy hitters such as Capcom and Shonen Jump opening shop in the center too, as well as a dedicated mural to AKIRA placed within the walls of PARCO. Are you getting the point? There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that PARCO Shibuya is going to be a spot I’ll be hitting every time I’m in the area. While a majority of these shops already had a foothold in areas such as Ikebukuro, their jump to Shibuya in a brand-new centralized building is more than welcome, especially with how much there is to do around the store.

Shibuya's Landscape Set to Evolve for the Better With Evolved PARCO Department Store

For fans of fashion and streetwear culture, you’ll be pleased to hear that AMBUSH will be opening their second workshop at PARCO, and will also be joined by the likes of Human Made, Vertical Garage, BAIT, and Land By Milkboy. International brands such as Balenciaga will also be opening flagship stores in the building, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see just what mix of people ends up walking around inside. For someone like myself though who dabbles in all of these interests, the department store is sounding like a dream come true.

Officially set to open its doors from November 22, 2019, PARCO Shibuya is definitely going to prove a much-needed boost for the area of Shibuya. For those interested in checking out more information, as well as a full directory of the stores set to be opening up, be sure to head over to PARCO’s official website.

PARCO Official Website
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