PARCO Shibuya to Host Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Flagship Store

PARCO Shibuya to Host Tokyo Otaku Mode's Flagship Store

Whether people realize it or not, PARCO Shibuya is set to be so much more than just an AKIRA mural. Set to open during November 2019, the building will present a list of long-overdue additions to not just Shibuya, but Japan as a whole. We already know that Nintendo’s first domestic store will be opening in the building, and we’ve now received word that Tokyo Otaku Mode will be joining the list of businesses to grace the building.

Finding a position on PARCO Shibuya’s 6th floor, Tokyo Otaku Mode’s flagship store will be carrying a number of their original goods, as well as their usual range of pop culture items. Given the brand’s growing presence of original creations, it’ll be interesting to see whether the store pushes itself more towards locals or tourists when it opens its doors.

The spot will be, funnily enough, named Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO, and with a tagline like that, it’d be interesting to see if they’ve got plans for expansion into other major cities. There’s no denying that, with a lineup that already includes Japan’s first Nintendo store, that PARCO Shibuya will quickly become quite the hub. When the opening finally takes place, however, it’ll be interesting to see what overarching culture the store ends up cultivating within its floors.

Set to open in Shibuya, Tokyo during November 2019, those interested in checking out more information on PARCO Shibuya can head over to the building’s official website. For those interested in checking out further information on Tokyo Otaku Mode’s upcoming flagship store, be sure to visit the brand’s official website.

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