PARK Harajuku Call On Riho Kurokawa For November ‘EMOtee’

PARK Harajuku x Riho Kurokawa

Last month we shared that Harajuku-based boutique store PARK Harajuku had launched their all-new Tokyo EMOtee monthly collection of clothing, kicking things off with three shirts designed by Tamano Hazuki to reflect the emotions of “hungry”, “busy”, and “calm”. For the November emotion, PARK noticed a general “dullness” to the air in Tokyo, resulting in them calling on Riho Kurokawa, an illustrator and creative who specializes in dark, often bleak illustrations that could perfectly capture this “dull” feeling.

Describing Tokyo as a “dull city that never sleeps”, it’s pretty obvious where designer Riho Kurokawa’s feelings towards the city stand, but it’s through those feelings that she’s able to put together some genuinely incredible imagery showcasing why she became an obvious choice for the project.

PARK Harajuku x Riho Kurokawa

Alongside the release of the November EMOtee, PARK Harajuku has additionally been hosting an art gallery dedicated to Riho Kurokawa in-store, something that is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Harajuku area.

Available now in-store and online from PARK Harajuku, the Riho Kurokawa collaborative piece is but a small part of PARK’s ever-developing plan to give independent creators a voice in Tokyo’s fashion and design landscape. While the theme that Kurokawa has chosen to tackle may be “dull”, her illustration and design sensibilities are anything but. Those interested in checking out further information about the collection, be sure to head to PARK Harajuku’s official website.

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