PARK Harajuku Launches New Monthly ‘EMOTee’ Clothing Line

If you’ve been following OTAQUEST for any period of time, you’re probably very familiar with PARK Harajuku at this point — our favorite little cultural melting pot tucked away in the backstreets of Harajuku, Tokyo. Perhaps more so than anything else, one of the most unique aspects of PARK’s existence is the staff’s curation with every product carried in the store. Moreso than anything else, this ensures products are a realistic representation of the store’s tagline “FASHION x OTAKU x CREATION”. This week they take that to a new level, with the “Tokyo EMOtee” project.

Starting this month PARK Harajuku will be taking their curation to new heights through the Tokyo EMOtee project. Calling on a wide variety of new-age Japanese creators, the project will see monthly releases of fresh clothing lineups that aim to capture the various emotions of Tokyo within that given month. Kickstarting the project is illustrator and in-store frequent collaborator Tamano Hazuki with three different t-shirts aiming to capture the emotions of “hungry”, “busy”, and “calm”.

The project will see a different creator handling designs for each month, with both the creator and the lineup being revealed on the given day of release. Given the incredible pool of talent that PARK has long been known for working alongside, there’s really no doubt in my mind that each drop is going to find its way onto my must-have list. With PARK recently launching international shipping via their webstore, this certainly couldn’t come at a better time either.

Those interested in checking out further information on the current collection, as well as future releases, be sure to head over to PARK Harajuku’s official website.

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