PARK Harajuku Begins Stocking FAKKU Merchandise

PARK HARAJUKU has long existed as the melting pot between anime and internet cultures, offering an ever-expanding number of goods and pieces from a wide spectrum of creators all tucked away in the backstreets of Harajuku. In its own way, North American hentai publisher FAKKU has been doing much the same — leveraging their global fanbase to create unique and risque merchandise, most of which sell out almost immediately, and bringing it to the world. It’s a collaboration that’s been teased for quite some time now, but today PARK HARAJUKU officially celebrated the fact that they’d be the go-to store in Japan for official FAKKU merchandise, with sales launching today.

NEW ARRIVAL 日本の成人向け雑誌を世界に配信するアメリカ発のウェブサービス「FAKKU」のアイテムのお取扱いをスタートなんと日本初上陸 https://t.co/vmmop46UgP PARK公式通販からもGET出来るので要チェックスケボーデッキは人気なので早い者勝ちです…!! pic.twitter.com/c3SmSgyvJV — PARK (@PARK_HARAJUKU) 12 October 2018

From today you’ll be able to pick up some of FAKKU’s most popular pieces in-store at PARK HARAJUKU, including their legendary line of skateboard decks and t-shirts. It’s every bit as NSFW as you’d imagine, and that’s partially what makes it so great. With collaboration pieces that include Zoom Lens x Shintaro Kago’s “Metempsychosis” t-shirt, there’s a whole lot to keep your eyes on. With the launch of international shipping at PARK HARAJUKU, this might also be the best time to pick up some of those previously sold out FAKKU pieces internationally too. Available to check out in-store at PARK HARAJUKU or online via the store’s official website, you can find further information on the release here.

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